A Comprehensive Resource to Screen, Teach, and Remediate Phonemic Awareness.

Developed by three Speech-Language Pathologists, Focus on Phonemic Awareness can be used to target phonemic awareness with whole classes, small groups, and individual students.

Educators, Speech-Language Pathologists, and other professionals can use this digital download for both in-person and for virtual instruction. They can also provide parents with description pages and wordlists to continue building their child's sound system at home.

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Did you Know?

Phonemic awareness is a critical component of the reading circuit.

Phonemic awareness is the ability to isolate and manipulate individual phonemes in spoken words.

A phoneme is an individual speech sound. Examples of individual speech sounds include /sh/ (the first sound in the word sheep), /ow/ (the middle sound in the word house), and /f/ (the final sound in the word laugh).

What's Included

  • Screening tools for six phonemic awareness tasks
  • Description pages for each phonemic awareness task
  • Wordlists controlled by their sound and syllable shape for each phonemic awareness task
  • Individual and classroom tracking sheets to monitor student progress
  • Parent description pages & wordlists for extra practice at home
  • Suggestions on how to incorporate graphemes (i.e., letter and letter combinations that represent speech sounds) into your lessons
  • Suggestions on how to describe articulatory gestures